Don't just create a logo.

Build your BRAND.

The new way entrepreneurs design their brand is:

  • Live and interactive
  • Led by design professionals
  • Loaded with everything you need to launch your brand AND business (logo, colors, fonts, graphics, and more)
  • Guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars
  • Done in just 2 days

We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs who wasted $500 or more to get a logo on Fiverr or from their best-friends cousin, only to walk away frustrated with their “skimmed logo” in hand.

Here's what other entrepreneurs are saying:

I found it super helpful and easy to do

I loved it. I think it was so awesome and amazing. And for a lay person like me, who doesn't have a lot of experience, pretty much none with working with computers and the tech aspect, I found it super helpful and easy to do.

Jen Lee

Founder, Thrive Health + Wellness

I really enjoyed it!

“I found it very, very useful and the foundation of knowing how to go through the creative process, you can easily apply to other applications. I really enjoyed it!”

Ethan Fung

Chief Executive Officer, Expresume

Common Branding Myths

  • Branding starts with the Logo.
  • Branding and Logo are the same things.
  • It would be best to outsource your branding because you think it's too hard to do yourself.

  • Branding needs to cost thousands of dollars and take months, OR;
  • Your cousin can do branding for free because he took an art class once.

The truth is that:

  • Creating a logo is not the first step to building your brand.
  • A logo is only one part of your brand, not even an important one.
  • It would be best if YOU did your branding because you are the closest to your business.
  • Your brand includes your logo, colors, graphic elements, visual assets, tone & voice, strategy, and much more.
  • You can create a brand with less than $500 in just a few days.

Common Branding Pitfalls

Using an AI Brand Generator

PRICE RANGE: $100-$2000

  • Knows nothing about you, your customer, or your niche.
  • You get a “surface-level” logo and not a Total Brand that communicates what you have to offer.
  • Used by thousands of other people, that logo might be in use for another business.
  • There are often upsells to get the files you need, sometimes upwards of $2000

Graphic designer on


PRICE RANGE: $500-$3000

  • Lots of hidden fees. You pay more for correct formats and editable files.
  • Time-consuming. Rare that you’ll get what you want on the first go resulting in revisions and increased costs.
  • Canned and stock designs. You’re often presented with a previous client's discarded ideas.
  • Just a logo, no brand.

Your Graphic Design “Friend”


Cheap. But at what cost?

  • Just the “logo.” No brand or strategic thinking behind it.
  • Not professionally built. Might be low resolution. No consideration for print/digital/accessible applications.
  • Lots of revisions; once you get tired of revisions, you’re likely to “settle” on anything to just finish it..
  • Will likely need to be redone, stalling the launch of your business.

A Boutique Design Agency



  • Worth it if you have a large budget and a solid 2-3 months to work with.
  • Takes a long time. Exploratory phases and weeks built in for ideation. 1-2 weeks between versions.
  • Creatives might try to sell you on their vision as opposed to what’s best for your business.
  • Future support is expensive. Billed hourly for the slightest request.

After more than a decade of working with entrepreneurs to create meaningful brands for their businesses, we've found the most common pitfalls that stall and derail the launching of potentially amazing companies.

So, What's the Solution?

Introducing the...


After years of development and thorough testing, we've come up with something that helps entrepreneurs:

  • Learn about their customers and audience so that they can create a brand aesthetic that attracts them.
  • Learn about their business in a way that impacts sales, growth, and success.
  • Pick fonts and colours that best represent their brand and resonate with ideal customers.
  • Design a logo that's simple but effective.
  • Assemble graphic assets that make their brand recognizable
  • Create an "at-a-glance" brand board that keeps the identity on track and recognizable.
  • Understand design and production terminology to help briefing creatives and ordering assets and collateral (think business cards, signage, uniforms, etc.)
  • Learn what comes after the branding to get a head start on marketing and attracting customers.

Join the Total Brand Sprint today!

Get instant access to the Brand Foundations Workbook, 2-day Live Training with Expert Designers, and bonuses.

Total value: $997

What you pay today: $399

All prices shown on this page are in CAD

The 8 steps to create your

Total Brand:

Your Total Brand Sprint Schedule:

Start Here Today: Foundations Workbook

Save your spot to the Total Brand Sprint today, and you'll get instant access to the Brand Foundations Workbook, so you can:

Brand Foundations

  • Plan Your Brand and Business - Use The Lean Canvas to create a snapshot of your business model, including its value proposition, customer segments, revenue streams, cost structure, and other essential factors.
  • Define your Brand Compass - Learn how Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, and Position create the foundation of your brand and how they’ll continually steer it.
  • Ideal Customer Study - Create a Proto Persona of your Ideal Customer and gain insight into their needs, wants, preferences, behaviours, attitudes, and aesthetics. This information enables you to develop a brand tailored to them and aligned with their preferences.

  • Visualize, Assess, and Reveal - The activity-packed Foundations Workbook will have you creating verbal and visual mood boards for aesthetics, assessing your competition for unique positioning, and revealing your brand's personality so you can design a brand that really connects with your customers!
Day 1: Brand Beginnings

By the end of day 1, you will have your new logo created, even if you don't consider yourself to be creative and have little to no experience with graphic design tools.

Module 1 Brand Discovery

  • Compass to copy - Take your Brand compass work and turn it into killer copy for your website, setting the tone for your brand's voice.
  • Your ideal customers' aesthetic - Prompts and exercises to spark creative thinking about your ideal customer and the aesthetics they will respond to
  • Your Offer - Get feedback from your instructor and peers to ensure your brand is on track and makes sense for your offer.
  • Effortlessly Organized - Download every brand discovery component in an organized PDF, keeping your strategic docs easily accessible.

Module 2 Fonts that Fit

  • Pick the right fonts - Learn about the various personalities of the type so you can pick your brand fonts with purpose. You’ll also learn about primary and secondary fonts and how to style them with hierarchy and design sensibilities.
  • Fonts Masterclass - Join a live font demonstration to see how to select, source, color, space, pair, and stye fonts.
  • Font validation - Get real-time feedback on your font selections from real designers for your situation (ex: print, web, mobile).
  • Font Guide - Access to cheat sheets with all the tricks and shortcuts laid out for you.

Module 3 Colour Palette Creator

  • Pick the right colors - Explore the psychology of colour and use it to pick colors that attract the right customers, set you apart from your competition, and give you beautiful colors for your designs.
  • Your brand colors - A live colour palette generating class where you'll walk away with your brands' colours that always look and reproduce accurately every time.
  • Color Coaching - We'll grade your colour palette to make sure you select colors that look great and work harmoniously together.
  • Color tools - Access resources that help you build palettes and match colours. Pick palettes from existing images, save them to your software, and more.

Module 4 Logo Building Blitz

  • Pick the right logo - Learn about the different types of logos and what goes into designing one.
  • Logo Design - Guided design session where we use browser-based software to draft your first logo within a couple of hours using everything you’ve learned in the typography and palette modules of the course.
  • Logo-Design Coaching - Individual feedback from real designers on your logo.
  • Easy Logo Software - Design software and platform resources so you can continue creating once the course is done. Discounts to Adobe, Canva, and Figma, plus a list of free resources to keep your costs to a minimum.

Day 2: Brand Completion

Day 2 of the live training will help you to create graphics and key assets for your brand that will make it super fast and easy to market your brand on social media, create images, and write copy that makes your brand look & sound like a million bucks.

Module 5 Imagery and Graphics Systems

  • Visibility Boosting Graphics - Learn what graphic systems and devices you can use to boost the visibility and recognition of your brand. We’ll look at styles of photography and graphics to help you pair your brand with additional visual elements.
  • Find Graphics Fast - We’ll walk you through creating and sourcing eye-catching graphics that will make your marketing consistent and recognizable and make your brand look aesthetically well-composed and professional.
  • Graphics Coaching - Professional coaching on how to pick images, photos, and styles that always "look" great.
  • Free Graphics - Access free resources that help you build a robust asset library of vector graphics and photography.

Module 6 Brand Standards Developer

  • Brand Standards - Make all of your branding and marketing 10x easier and faster by defining how people should use it in your brand standards.
  • Brand Board - See your brand come to life as we build a brand board in real time. Assemble all the assets you’ve sourced and created into a single document to keep you consistently on-brand with freelancers and future employees.
  • Brand Standards Support - Individual feedback on your Brand Standards in class and via email.
  • Brand board template and training - Build new brands when your business expands or pivots.

Module 7 Asset Library Creation

  • Asset Library - Learn about the importance of properly storing and managing your brand files.

  • Structure like a Pro - Drag and drop your brand files into our premade folder structure, we've used with brands of all sizes to make it easy and fast for you to find the right design when you need it.
  • Access Assistance - Need help building your asset library? We'll be right there to help you!

Step 8 Brand Execution Training

  • Start branding - Live training with real-world examples of how to use your logo, and branding assets and how to interact with designers and production artists.
  • Brand efficiently - Over-the-shoulder training to make sure your graphics look exactly the way you want them to, so you can eliminate recreating designs ever again (ex: your banners, t-shirts, packaging, and more).
  • Brand library - Get our cheat sheets on design terminology, formats, and sizing, so you never ask a designer for the wrong thing. at-a-glance guides for sizing social media posts, banners, avatars, and more.
Day 3: Access your bonuses

On Day 3, you will get access to these bonuses that make it easier for you to scale your marketing, and begin closing your first sales.

Beyond the Brand Bonuses

  • Beyond the Brand Playbook - Get the next steps you need to take to launch and market your brand and business.
  • Marketing Landscape - Learn about the various forms of marketing available to you and how to select the methods most suited to your offer and customer.
  • Find your customers - Map out how to find customers, have them interact with you, and ultimately pay you for your products and services.

  • Designer Review - We’ll review all the files and assets you’ve created and collected and organize them in a professional and shareable manner.
  • Design Cheatsheet - Learn what each file you create is used for and understand all the technicalities of design formats. Including the differences between pixels vs. vector and JPG vs. PNG, so you’ll always know what to ask for when working with a designer and what to supply when ordering printed collateral for your business.
  • Lifetime access - Watch the Total Brand Sprint replays & review the slides for your current brand or for future projects.

There's only one logical choice after you look at this table:

Course Pricing

Key dates


Instant access to foundations

March 16&17:

10 am - 5 pm EST

March 18:

Access to bonuses

Next Sprint:

April 13-14:

10 am - 5 pm EST

Total Brand Sprint

Build Your Total Brand in 2 days

$997 $399

  • Led by a dedicated designer.
  • Step-by-step Live training.
  • Lifetime access to videos, templates and guides.
  • 1:1 Live feedback on your logo and branding.
  • Total Brand Guarantee.
  • Small group access.
  • Discounted pricing $100 off for the first 50 customers (65% off).
  • $400+ in bonuses.
  • 1 free pass to join the live training during a future date (only available on this page).

Discounted Pricing is only available for the first 50 customers. Then the price will go up to $499.

All prices shown on this page are in CAD.

Total Brand Guarantee

If you show up to the live training, do the work, and aren't 100% happy with your brand, we'll give you access to the next sprint on the date of your choosing until you get it right.

Remember: The live two-day training and bonuses are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and the discounted pricing you see on this page is limited to the first 50 customers before the price goes up to $499.

So make sure to save your spot today!




How is this different from using an AI tool or Canva to make my logo?

AI design tools or Canva can offer you quick solutions and templates. However, the difference is that you will learn a process for how to think strategically, and how to design your logo and branding (fonts, colors, graphics, brand guidelines and more).

In other words, for just $399 you will create a professional logo and your entire brand system in just two days.

Who is this course for?

The Total Brand Sprint is for entrepreneurs and small business owners that want the most efficient and effective way to create a logo and brand in two days, with live guidance, instruction and coaching from real designers.

Can I use this as a business expense?

In most cases, yes. To be sure you should ask your Accountant or search for the tax regulations where you operate your business.

I want to take the course but I'm not sure I can show up live. Can I buy now and show up at a later date? And do I really need to show up live?

You will get the most out of the Total Brand Sprint by showing up to the live lessons because we will answer your questions and give you feedback on everything we create together.

However, if you cannot make it, you can use your one-time free pass to join us for a future live session (available on this page only).

Plus, you will have lifetime access to all of the live replays, worksheets and templates.

Will I have access to this discount forever?

No. The discount you see on this page will only be available for the first 50 people so that we can quickly improve our delivery of the live training. The price will later increase to $399.

Don't take our word for it

Incredible help to our incubator members

I’m so grateful to all of the experts at Wysp for their creativity and knowledge. Their branding workshop was an incredible help to our incubator members. The facilitators really went above and beyond to answer questions from our start-up founders and offer meaningful advice on best practices for how to establish an effective action place with branding. I’d definitely recommend attending a session with them!

Kayla S.


Build Your Brand the Right Way

Key dates


Instant access to foundations

March 16&17:

10 am - 5 pm EST

March 18:

Access to bonuses

Next Sprint:

April 13-14:

10 am - 5 pm EST

Total Brand Sprint

Build Your Total Brand in 2 days

$997 $399

  • Led by a dedicated designer.
  • Step-by-step Live training.
  • Lifetime access to videos, templates and guides.
  • 1:1 Live feedback on your logo and branding.
  • Total Brand Guarantee.
  • Small group access.
  • Discounted pricing $100 off.
  • $400+ in bonuses.
  • 1 free pass to join the live training during a future date (only available on this page).


Total Brand Sprint value: $997

Bonuses value: $400

You pay: $399

Discounted Pricing is only available for the first 50 customers. Then the price will go up to $499.

All prices shown on this page are in CAD.